Saturday, November 14, 2009

Be careful little feet where you go for it's the little feet behind you that are sure to follow...

Little ones are so funny.......they want to do everything they see others do, especially their parents. Reese mocks EVERYTHING Denson does. He pretends to build houses, talk on the phone, cut the grass. He also pretends to do things I do like cook, clean, and get on to Bailey. He repeats everything he hears and I do mean everything. THAT has been a not so good reminder when you hear your 2 yr old say butt hole! Oh, and he wants to do whatever Bailey is doing, like singing, dancing, and even homework. I'm sure he'll get out of the last one when he starts school.

This last week Reese has acted like he was the one that had back surgery. It really got me thinking that what we, as parents, do really, really affects how our kids grow up and perceive things. Practice what you preach is what we should do. How can we tell our kids not to do something when they see us doing it? It makes me sad to think of children that grow up not hearing about God, seeing there parents do not so nice things, think it is ok for a man to beat a woman, have zero respect for themselves or others and many other things.

Anyone can bring a life into this world but that doesn't make them a parent. What a precious gift God has given to so many that treat the gift worse than some treat a dog. I just don't understand.

So, I think this is a challenge to me and others to be that example that some may never see anywhere else. I know I need to be a better example to my kids too. Some of the things I hear Bailey and Reese say sound just like me! Sometimes it's funny and other times I think "Wow, I sound like that?"

I'll say this last thing. I think it is super important who our kids look up to and are around. They are paying attention even when we have no clue. For example, Reese picked up Bailey's bible a few nights ago and said he was Pastor Chris and he was reading the new old testament. He even prayed after the story! It was the sweetest thing he's ever done. I pray that he and Bailey always look up to people that live their life for God.