Monday, January 10, 2011

Jello Casserole

We had a snow day today which was fun and interesting. As much as Reese loves being outside he does not like the cold. at all. All four of us rode the 4-wheeler around the neighborhood, which I'm sure, has pegged us as the rednecks of Creekside Cove. Bailey and I made a sled out of a large rubbermaid lid afterwards which may or may not have helped the redneck stereotype :)

So after being inside ALL day and following a weekend where Reese was sick, that boy had a LOT of energy! He tormented Bailey and was non stop the entire day.

Bailey and I decided to play Contract Rummy which is really a whole new story of its own......Anywho, Reese was being fairly good while we played (which was a relief) so I didn't pay much attention to what he was doing.

That may have been a mistake because when I did look to see what he was doing this is the first thing I saw. Empty Jello containers. This can not be good.

He had pulled out pots, pans, crock pots, tupperware, forks, spoons, and I think I even found a hair brush IN the stove.

And a potato peeler to stir the jello casserole as he called it.

He even mixed some Lucky Charms with the jello. And it is on the oven door. Kinda reminds me of the jello mold Aunt Bethany brought to Christmas dinner on Christmas Vacation.

So after he got bored with the jello, he accidentally dumped the rest of the Lucky Charms on the floor. ACCIDENTALLY mind you but a mess none the less!

This picture shows a glimpse of the mess. And this is all because I wanted to beat a 9 yr old at cards!

I guess making Jello casserole will wear you out because 30 minutes later this is how I found him. Looking at that precious face you would never think he could be so destructive! Oh, and I did win the card game so maybe it was worth it :)