Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You can learn a lot from Johny

I just love blogging! Well, reading blogs more so than writing them lately. We have been really, really busy. Bailey is playing softball and OH. MY. WORD. it is time consuming to say the least. I am secretly (not so secret now) hoping that she doesn't want to play next year. Not looking good for me as of now. Over the last few months I have learned a lot from my kids. And really, if you think about it, all of us adults could use some child like faith. Bailey came home talking about a boy in her class who hadn't been eating lunch. The school provides a lunch for anyone that doesn't have money but the boy didn't want anyone to know he didn't have money so he carried an empty lunch box to the lunch room. Bailey gave him part of her lunch and even gave him her ice cream. It warms my heart that at 9 yo she can see a need and want to help. She has taken extra money and snacks to school to give to other classmates. I pray that she will always be so caring. Reese, sweet Reese......he is such a people person! Everywhere we go and I mean everywhere we go people talk to Reese and he is such a talker. It is like talking to an adult at times. Over the last few months he says he is Johny Cash. He talks about him alot and how he sings in prison. He told Bailey one night, "Bailey if you're not good you're going to prison!" Of course I tell them both, "The people in prison...you know how it all started??? Talking back to their Mamas, that was at the beginning of their path to prison!" I probably shouldn't take it that far but gracious, I just don't know what else to do sometimes! He has also become obsessed with cigarettes. He saw my Nanny smoking and I guess that was the first time he really paid attention. He asked her a lot of questions like "Why are you smoking? If it's bad for you why do you do it?" He says he has smoke pencils. He told his Sunday school teacher that he used to smoke but he quit. I'm sure they think we are awesome parents! Recently Reese had a new little girl join his class at daycare. She was really shy and wouldn't play with anything or anyone. When Reese came in, he sat down next to her instead of playing. Before long they were playing together and she warmed right up. However, she knew him as Johny Cash and not Reese. Very sweet that he wanted her to feel comfortable. I would also like to say that he talks with people that don't scream "talk to me". Like older ladies covered in tattoos with 20 earrings. Although he started the conversation with "You have a lot of wrinkles". I wish I could just see people as people and not have preconceptions of who they are and where they've been. He and Denson were in the grocery store and a lady dropped what she was holding. Without any question, he walked over and helped her pick up her things. He then told her he would help her plant a garden. I can and am learning alot from that little boy. He likes to pray, pretends he is having a bible study and remembers everything when you have no idea he was even listening. I will leave you with this Reese funny: Reese: "Mama, come here (bathroom)". Me: "Ok, do you need me to wipe you?" Reese: "No, I have turds and I want you to see 'em". Awesome, I felt privileged. I guess :)