Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thank you for sun and rain, for what you give and take away........

I heard this song today while cleaning. It is a great upbeat song and it went along with some thoughts I've had recently. The economy is bad and the building business has been down for a while now.

BUT, there are some good things that have come along with the slow time. If things hadn't been slow Denson and I wouldn't have been able to go to counseling. Really, what we thought was marriage counseling turned into individual counseling that helped both of us a lot!! Denson got and is getting to see Reese grow up. He has really been able to be a part of the day to day things that he wouldn't have had the chance to see. Also, I had an issue with depression a few months ago, to the point where I just wanted to sleep ALL day. Luckily, Denson was right there to step in and be mommy and to gently coax me into realizing I was indeed depressed. The last thing we've both realized is that we should have done things differently with money. Denson did save (thank goodness) and paid some things off. However, we didn't think a whole lot about buying this or that. I went to the grocery store and would buy what ever not even looking at the price. When things turn around, and I know they will, we will be a lot more cautious. I think of the verse Luke 16:10 "Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much."

Our hope and happiness doesn't lie in what we have here on this earth. If God wants us to walk through the valley then that is what we'll do......he is in control. That leads me into another subject.........Reese and daycare.......

When I first quit my job, we put Reese in daycare a couple of days a week so that I could help Denson with payroll (no need for that now :) ) and to have time to clean, run errands, etc. I really struggled with being at home and glad that I had an oppurtunity to adjust over this last year. Over the last few months I have literally been broken after reading certain blogs that have dealt with the loss of a child. Here, I have a healthy little boy and I'm sending him to daycare????? One night I felt God telling me that it was time for Reese to be home everyday. I talked with Denson and at that time he wanted to wait. He wasn't sure that I could handle not having an "off" day. We are trying to get rid of any un-needed exspenses and that would help. But.....again, I tried to figure it out. I have been subbing at the daycare and thought that I could work enough to pay daycare. Well, yesterday I worked 9 hours!! That was a long day! So, I'm watching other kids to pay for mine to be in daycare??? That makes a whole lot of sense!

I didn't think I would say this but working at the daycare makes me appreciate my kids and gives me more patience. I think everything has a season but God is leading me in a different direction. God has equipped me to be a better mom and with His help I will be fine.

On a much heavier not, please pray for baby Stellan. He is the son to a blog I read: www.mycharmingkids.net. He is having problems with his heart and things are not looking good. Check out her blog when you get a chance, but please pray for Stellan and his family.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bath time boy is back!!

Reese has always liked getting a bath. He never wanted to get out and he would lay down in the bathtub after the water drained and I would have to pry him out of the bathtub kicking screaming.....that was until 2 months ago. He had an unfortunate accident that really scared him. He pooped in the tub! When he saw "it" he freaked out. Let me add that it wasn't just a little, but it was rather large. I know that is gross but I can see why the little fella may have been that scared. Anyway, he was trying to get away and the more he moved, the more it came after him. He was terrifed!

For a few weeks he would cry and would absolutely not sit down while I bathed him. He did get a little more comfortable and he stopped crying but still refused to sit down. Right after dinner, which is his usual bath time, he would start saying "Bath, no doo doo?" Every night, I would have to reassure him there was no doo doo in the bathtub. One night he passed gas, and the poor baby nearly jumped out of the bathtub. I couldn't help but laugh but he was really scared.

Finally, the last few nights, he has started sitting down again. And let me tell you, bath time boy, which is what I used to call him, is back in full effect!! We are back to the splashing so much I need a rain suit and I think it's safe to say he is easily drinking a gallon of water. I'm glad he is loving bathtime again!

Oh, and I forgot to tell this little story on my last post. I put a humidifier in his room every night to help keep him well. He loves playing with it so I have to be careful to put it in his room when I know he can't get to it. Well, the other night, he got to it and poured all the water out!! That is a lot of water! He didn't just pour it out, he was rolling around, jumping and sliding around in it. Not only was the floor soaked but he was too, and loving every minute of it. He got me again a few days later. When will I learn!!!!