Sunday, April 25, 2010

Swimsuit Season :(

I thought this post from last year was worth posting again. I've not even thought about a swimsuit this year and after reading this again I may just wait until a miracle happens and I lose 20 lbs!!

Really, after reading the title I probably don't have to say more.....but I will.

We are going to the beach for the weekend with one of my sisters, my two brothers, dad and stepmom and the "many small children" (I stole took that quote from Mckmama's blog, love it!) that belong to them. I'm sure we will have a blast and have many stories to share when we return.

I started packing today and thought I should try on my swimsuits to see if they were a go. I have been going to the gym for a little over 2 months now, so I expected the swimsuits from the last 2 yrs to fall off be a little big on me. Boy did I get a suprise.....the same!! The exact same, how does that happen!! Well, except that they were a little stretched out, so it wasn't sucking in enough for my taste. Can you say disappointed?

The one thing I dread more than finding a good fitting pair of jeans....finding a swimsuit that doesn't make me look like I'm a 32 yr old trying to be 15. Let's just be honest here, most swimsuits these days are not made for a person that has 2 children......unless you are a celebrity and can work out all day and have a personal chef to make a fabulous meal with like 10 calories...whatever.

So, I mustered up the courage to go shopping with my 2 kids in tow. Probably not a wise choice, but I was running out of time and Bailey is pretty good at giving fashion tips. (You know you need help when you look to a 7 yr old for fashion advice!)

We go to Kohls, and I was very pleased with their selection. A good bit of their swimsuits had the good ole skirt attached. Yes!!!!!

I pick out 3 and off to the dressing room we go.

I'll just say that the look on Bailey's face said it all. Ummm, that's a no on choice number 1!!! On to choice number 2........another bad look. We are in a public place so I'm not sure that I really want her opinion to be said out loud. Finally I had to ask, what is it you don't like. Another bad look.........then she says "I mean it's your legs that's all." That's all???? Do they make swimsuit pants? If so, please let me know.

I go onto choice 3 and she actually liked it!!! A flippin miracle, woohoo!!

Oh, while we are in the dressing room, Reese decided to scream, "Mommy poo pooed!". Nice, not like I was already humilated with a 7yr old that doesn't have an ounce of fat on her looking at me in total disgust, I have Reese yelling that I had pooped. Great, just great!

We check out and get in the car. I had to ask about the leg comment. I told her it was ok to be honest, but just tell me what was so bad about my legs. She says, "They are just too white." I can totally deal with that. I know fat looks better tan, but I have sworn off tanning beds. I will have to get a tan the good old fashioned way...........getting sun burned at the beach!!

Nothing like a good ol' boost to the self esteem than shopping for a swimsuit with a very honest 7 yr old!