Friday, July 10, 2009

Pass it on, baby!

Don't you just LOVE how God works? Through the day I know I say that so often....then I get home and can't remember to put it on my blog! I really need to get better at writing things down and be consistent. I would have so much to write about!

My latest story goes something like this. I read an amazing blog, which I'm sure most everyone reads, "Bring The Rain". Several weeks ago she mentioned a blog, (Pass it on,baby) that connects people that have baby/kids clothing to those in need. The donor ships directly to the one in need. Anyway, I added the site to my favorites. At the time there wasn't a need out there for what I had. For some reason I thought about that particular site this week and since our laptop was literally butchered by none other than Reese, I didn't have the site address and couldn't remember the name. At the time I couldn't even remember which blog mentioned it so I decided I could just google it. I searched for almost 2 hrs and couldn't find ANYTHING. The next day I decided to try again, and found it! What do you think at the top of the blog was the first size needed?? Boys clothing in the sizes I have! So, I emailed with my info.

I got a reply shortly after and I just cried. She said that moments before my email, a foster mother had emailed with the need of what I had! Crazy, just crazy! I am mailing the package tomorrow and I have never been so excited to mail something in my life! God is awesome and none of this is a coincidence! God provides and he uses little ol' me and you to fulfill his promises.

If you haven't heard of this before check it out! I have their button on the right side of my blog and this is just an awesome opportunity!