Monday, April 30, 2012

My maze/path

So last week kicked my booty. I let the stress get to me. I pouted. I was bitter. And who did I think I was hurting? It makes me so angry at myself that I know better and yet do the same thing over and over again. Sunday morning while teaching the 4/5 yr olds they taught me instead. We were doing a maze - the disciples at the bottom and you had to draw a line to Jesus who was in heaven where He has gone to prepare a place for us. Everyone mastered the activity and one little boy said "Can we take the wrong path to Jesus?". I sat there for a minute and I started to ask him why he wanted to do that. Then I thought to myself and then told him "No, you don't want to take the wrong path, trust me, Mrs. Sheila did that and it's not something you want to do.". While he didn't understand what I was saying it really made me think. I know I didn't intentionally take the wrong path. Well I just didn't realize it because I was living for the moment. I wouldn't have volunteered to have my life go the direction it did. The heartache. The loneliness. The bitterness. The selfishness. The lies. But. Without those things I wouldn't be where I am now. Without Jesus I would still be a lost soul searching. I then realized I took the path, the maze, the obstacle that led me to Jesus. Even if it all wasn't pleasant that is my life. I've learned a lot, yet still have lots more to learn. The difference now is that I have a Savior that is faithful. Standing on the promises of God!

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