Sunday, April 22, 2012

Where's the wagon?

Well, I have fallen off the blogging wagon and it's nowhere in sight! I am going to make an effort to catch back up. More importantly I am going to work hard on being more intentional in spending time with God, which was the reason for blogging daily. I have let life get in the way and I have a feeling this will be a lifelong struggle. Thank God He hasn't given up on me!

Of course we have been super busy with ball. Bailey is doing great and has hit a couple of home runs! Reese is not real enthused with ball but he managed to get the game ball last week. Now that pumped him up!

Last week was a week of first for Reese. He learned to ride his bike without training wheels, got his first game ball AND he learned how to make tooting noises with his hand and underarm. Yes, I am very proud! The latter of the three -- he had been trying that for a month and finally got it. Since then he does it constantly. Even in the stands at the ball field.

I guess we'll see if I make it tomorrow! Night!

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