Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's official, I'm a slacker

I thought I was just a few days behind in blogging and I realized tomorrow would have been a week! Boy am I slacking.

I am getting back on track. We got a lot done this weekend even with being at the ballpark. That is a shocker I know. However, I feel like we are back in a routine and feel at home in our house.

I will share a funny story that ended with tears. Well now that I think of it it started with tears too :). So Denson has a deer head that I refuse to let him hang in the living room. He doesn't have an office anymore so he decided to put it Reese's room. Reese was super excited. The deer head was on the floor waiting to be hung. During that time I went in his room to get him ready for a game. I walk in the room and he is hugging the deer and crying. I ask him what's wrong and he says he is so upset that Daddy killed the deer. Well bless his heart he is just like his momma!

I talked to him and got him to quit crying and told him I would carry him to the car. I guess I forgot that he's not a baby anymore. I got almost to the car and stepped on a rock or something and my ankle rolled to the side. I over compensated to the other side and ended up on the ground on my knee. Oh my goodness it hurt! I limped back to the house to not further embarrass myself. Luckily I had on blue jeans but not so lucky for the jeans. My favorite jeans suffered a tear across the knee.

It had been a looking time since I've had a skinned knee and I hope I never have another!

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